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Arts, Computing & Industry Creative

On September 15th, 2009, UPSI Senate had approved a proposal on restructuring faculties at Sultan Idris Educational University with a goal to customize the academic program and field of study offered by faculty in accordance with latest developments and nation requirements. 

The faculty and department involved in the restructuring process were Faculty of Information Technology and Communication and Department of Art (from Faculty of Art and Music). The combination creates a new faculty named Faculty of Art, Computing and Creative Industry.

Faculty of Art, Computing and Creative Industry (FSKIK) was established on June 1st2010. 

The faculty has three departments i.e. the Department of Art and Design, Department of Computing, and Department of Creative Multimedia. Various programs from diploma level, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree are offered by FSKIK to meet the needs of creative Industries which provides graduates with arts and computing knowledge, skills and abilities either in the field of education or for creative Industries worldwide.

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