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Buddies Events

Under the Global Buddies initiative, international students of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) will be provided with various interesting activities from time to time, organised by the UPSI Global Buddies!

Throughout the programmes, international students will be facilitated by our Buddies to make sure that they feel involved, welcomed, and comfortable in their process of acculturating the Malaysian wonderful cultural experiences!

Have a look at some snippets of our previous engagements and events below!

UPSI International For Community
- Community Engagement Programme with STPM candidates

Our 2023 officially begin with an involvement in a community engagement programme with STPM (Malaysian Higher School Certificate) Candidates of SMK Dato' Zulkifli Mohammad, Slim River. The programme was organised by a group of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) students as a course assignment requirement. Together involved in the programme were a number of TESL students from Faculty of Languages and Communication (FBK) as well as a team of Bachelor of Psychology students from the Faculty of Human Development (FPM)! A number of UPSI international students were involved too, making it an eye-opening experience for them to the secondary school scenery in Malaysia.


Cultural Exchange with Buddies 1.0 : Christmas Gathering -
Simple Christmas gathering with international students at the International Residence

Celebrating Christmas alone away from home must be hard for international students. Hence, UPSI Global Buddies organised a simple cultural exchange hang-out session with the international students at the International Residence, with the theme of Christmas Gathering! This session allowed the newly appointed UGB members to mix around and build up good connections with international students and make them feel welcomed. The gathering included a movie session, karaoke session and some games too!

UPSI Global Buddies Template (2).png

CAPEU Global Buddies 2022 -
International Conference in collaboration with the Consortium of Asia Pacific Education Universities

The Consortium of Asia-Pacific Education Universities (CAPEU) based at Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI) has successfully organised a conference aiming at gathering students, staff, and all related stakeholders involved in higher education mobility and internationalisation programme. The conference, CAPEU Global Buddies Conference was held on the 27th of August 2022 at Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus, UPSI, focusing on the issues related to the theme, "Current Challenges and Solutions in Higher Education's Internationalisation and Mobility Programme."

The event featured 2 keynote speakers, 3 invited speakers from Ukraine, Indonesia & Honduras, a multi-national forum session and a networking session among all the participants.

CAPEU GB Conference 2022 (Instagram Story) (4).png