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UPSI Global Buddies

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What is Global Buddies @ UPSI ?

An initiative by UPSI International and Mobility Centre (IMC), the UPSI Global Buddies is a group of domestic students that functions beyond assisting their international friends upon arriving and settling down at UPSI, Malaysia. In UPSI, Global Buddies itself is a mobility and internationalisation programme, for both students and staff of UPSI.  Hence, it is vital to be strongly supported by the students themselves.

What do we do?

UPSI Global Buddies facilitates the acculturation process that all international students and staff have to go through throughout their studies in Malaysia. We organise international events as well as cultural exchange activities for both the local and international students of UPSI. Hence, our Buddies are also the brand ambassadors of the International & Mobility Centre (IMC) of UPSI to create a positive and vibrant internationalisation movement that brings the world to the campus community. Externally, our Buddies are also given exposure and experience to express their creativity through the production of different promotional products and hold international networking engagements or visits as a platform that enhances the soft skills and employability market value among our students.

Who are we?

UPSI Global Buddies consists of selected students from all nine (9) faculties in UPSI. Each buddy will act as an agent of the best international education experience by encouraging more international networking activities in their respective faculties, which in the end will improve the internationalisation of the university. Each year, the International & Mobility Centre will open the Buddies application to all UPSI local students and all interested applicants will go through a series of screening phases before being officially selected as UPSI Global Buddies.


Global Buddies Coordinator

UPSI Global Buddies is an initiative that connects international networking between students and global network. It’s a medium to share experience, knowledge and various culture with others.


Nurul Hidayah
Senior Assistant Registrar

UPSI Global Buddies is a great platform for not only creating bonds among students but also a great networking platform for future endeavours.  


IMC Director

Global Buddies is about the student's experience with an enriching experience for them as the main core.

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